Amy rose is a young, kind-hearted pink hedgehog who is crazy in love with Sonic the Hedgehog, who is later on married to him. She starts cooking and cleaning and is barely seen as a adult.



Eversince the age of 8, and being kidnapped by Metal Sonic, Amy has started joining Sonic on most of his journeys. She appeared to have a interest in magic and fighting as being a decent tomboy but a spoilt brat as well.

Teenage yearsEdit

As a teen, Amy had her look changed by alot! She also decieded to start take matters into her own


hands (which didn't help at first). She then manged to get Sonic to date her.

Young AdultEdit

As a young adult, she still dates Sonic and then goes on holiday with him at the age of 19. She then comes across the hedgehog clan who she helps Sonic take down and then marries him a year later.


As a adult, Amy quits her adventure life and then stays in the house doing the cooking,cleaning, and caring for the kids and is barely seen.
Adult amyff

Amy as a adult


Sonic the hedgehog Edit

Amy has had a crush on Sonic since she was 8 and seemed to be really happy when Sonic proposed to her but before all this romance they were just friends.

Blaze the catEdit

Amy was first introduced to Blaze by Cream and was then best friends with Blaze they were seen interacting at sonic jrs wedding and ambers wedding.

Cream the rabbitEdit

Amy and Cream are like sisters to eachother as helping eachother. Amy once made the mistake of misters before sisters, which quite upset Cream, but then comforts Cream and apoligizes. When Amy goes on holiday with sonic Cream is seen crying a bit because Amy is gone.



Sonic is Amy's future husband she normally does the cooking and cleaning for him.


Amy normally does the cooking and cleaning with Amber.

Sonic jrEdit

Amy is a embarresing mother to sonic jr.


Amy is nice to silvia and the normally go strawberry picking.


Amy had brought Flash his first baby toy.


Amy died at the age of 93 from old age.

Theme songEdit

Amy's theme song is girlfriend
Amy Rose- Girlfriend

Amy Rose- Girlfriend